Tabago, West Indies (1978-1984)

After graduating, Steve worked on post-tensioned pre-stressed bridge and building structured design for two years, then gained site experience as Senior Bridge Engineer for on the M4 motorway in the United Kingdom. Following this he worked in the West Indies for 6 years as Resident Engineer for an elevated highway on the island of Tobago and subsequently represented the Government of Trinidad and Tobago as head of the Tobago infrastructure design and supervision unit, constructing sea defence works and highway connector roads.


Government PSA (1984-1989)

In 1984 Steve returned to the UK and gained experience in analysing and providing remedial solutions for a wide range of Government Buildings, both civil and MOD, which included several significant listed buildings.

Arup (1988 - 2015)

In 1988 Steve joined Arup as part of the Arup Inspection Repair and Refurbishment team has led surveys of Heritage and Ancient Buildings structures. He has then been responsible for the design and implementation of discreet strengthening systems that satisfy Government Heritage bodies. These have included in recent years restoration and strengthening works to listed buildings and marine structures.


Small Bespoke Design

Steve Hold has used his experience in Building Technology to design and supervise the construction of a number of smaller scale designs and enhancements for private clients who wished to extend or improve their domestic properties. These projects have ranged from extensions and large swimming pools through to improving internal house layouts by designing steel support beams to be able to remove internal walls.


The range of bespoke work even extended to a small, unique geometry office block in Jersey and the saving of a stone windmill structure in South Wales.