Steve Hold, now acting as a private consultant, offers specialist consultancy services within the fields he has been working in for more than 30 years.


His experience has been at the forefront of using LiDAR and drone technology to understand difficult access and geometry structures. This has enabled him to resolve a wide spectrum of engineering problems and failures in the marine civil engineering world, heritage structures and repairing more recent reinforced concrete structures showing distress.


Practicing on his own, but still inexorably linked to Arup, he can offer engineering consultancy backed up by many project examples which over a wide ranging career he has recorded visually with photographs and video. In this way he is able to explain the details of the unusual projects and the construction process he has worked upon
to others.


In recent years he has given papers on many of these subjects in over a dozen countries to august bodies such as the I.C.E. PIANC, Structural Faults and Repairs, Concrete Solutions and ICCRR.

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