Investigations and forensic engineering

One of Steve Hold’s main lines of professional work has been in carrying out investigations and conducting forensic dismantling of structures to determine the cause or causes of failures.


Due Diligence Surveys

A number of clients have asked that experience gained in the construction and investigation fields be applied to the structures which are just completed before handover.  The concept being to have a fresh independent review by an experienced engineer of what was constructed prior to handover.


Leaks and cladding problems,
Conway Street, London

This seemingly straight forward due diligence survey benefitted from carrying out a water test which revealed that underneath the external cladding elements, damp proof arrangements had not been placed properly and the water testing revealed leaks and the need for major intervention prior to handover.


Three Marriot Hotels

There was concern during the purchasing of three Marriott Hotels which had construction defects that had not been addressed.  Investigations into the Swansea Marriot found that the brickwork and cladding arrangements had no satisfactory damp proof courses which was found once again by utilising water testing. The other Marriots in Cardiff and Slough also required remedial works to brickwork cracking areas as part of the Due diligence process.


Two Airport surveys for RBS

Prior to buying and taking over two airports the Bank required due diligence surveys for the infrastructure and buildings at both Bournemouth airport and East Midlands airport prior to purchase by their client.


Ten hotels in Croatia for the European Development Bank

As part of the due diligence for financing the refurbishment of ten hotels on the island of Mali Lošinjin Croatia, Steve Hold was commissioned to assess the structural integrity and the refurbishment proposal for ten different types of hotel as part of the finance package funded by the EDB.


Expert Witness

This generally involves a very thorough and sophisticated level of investigation.  The objective is to provide an independent assessment of the problem or problems to the court to resolve the dispute between two parties involved with the construction.


Concrete cases

Steve Hold has been involved in assessing three significant disputes regarding reinforced concrete construction that required an expert witness level of forensic investigation to produce an independent opinion for the court.


Water penetration cases

In two cases recently disputes over the type of materials that provide the waterproofing required expert witness investigation and the production of evidence to allow the dispute resolution.


Building defect cases

Two examples in recent years have allowed redress to be obtained by smaller building owners who have had construction work carried out that has not provided the desired or agreed end product.  Disputes then arose over payment and it was necessary to call in an independent expert opinion to resolve the difference of views